San Marino: Valentina Monetta

Valentina Monetta

Valentina Monetta San Marino 2012

San Marino will go to Baku with a Sammarinese singer. She is a talented artist, perfect for the song that has been presented, The Social Network Song.  The story of Valentina Monetta representing San Marino is a sort of fairy tale. Taking part to ESC requires organization, partners, resources, the right song, the right interpreter. SMtv San Marino started working on this great task last autumn, evaluating different proposals. And Valentina wasn’t one of them.

The internal selection started, the proposals left were then two, then one, but at the very last moment the unplanned happened. It’s Valentina’s occasion. We needed a good, young, Sammarinese singer and we needed her now. We had to do it within the on going week and it was…Thursday. Valentina is singing on that Saturday night. That night, SMtv director was there by chance. She listened to her, she appreciated her voice and her talent. She was the perfect singer for the song that we had already choosen. On the following Monday we organized the audition. Taking into account that she has got a rich career behind her, she is accustomed to adjust and adapt to various musical styles and genres. Two days later she recorded the song and shot the videoclip at a production studio.

Sometimes dreams come true. A true fairytale.

Valentina Monetta

Valentina Monetta San Marino 2012

a Sammarinese singer

in 2002, released the single “SHARP” with SONY MUSIC as part of the “Sharm” project in collaboration with Paul Manners Production. In 2007 – 2black – single ”VAI” by feat Papa Winnie- with Jaywork Production- Universo Records) Artistic Collaborations:
Backup for Silvie Vartan, DJ Master Frees, Bombo’s, El Ruben and R. Fame, Elena Cattaneo and Dance-House for musical productions.
“Bob Marley Tribute” concert with her group, “Parafunky,” with vocalist Vanessa-J and the New York artist R. Fame in Pisa.
Works with the Sammarinese band “Blues Mobile” in “Geometrie Sonore” Festival.

Work Experience:
With her first group “Tiberio” she got her first taste of Black Music vocals (R&B, Soul, Funky, Acid Jazz), she worked with Hip Hop with her second group “Parafunky” and started a new partnership with “Monica Giacomobono” for the Sharm project, which then became Harem-B. She continued her collaboration with vocalist Vanessa J and high calliper musicians like Marcello Sutera, Nicola Peruk and Nabuk. In the meantime, she was able to put her love of jazz and Bossa nova into practice with various local bands. In 2006, she joined the discography project, 2black, a very successful record in 2004 with the single (a remake of “In Alto Mare” by Loredana Bertè) “Waves of Love,” releasing the main track “VAI” with a new single in Summer 2006.
In the meantime, Valentina created her bases, her melodies and her beats, submitting the song “SE NON CI SEI TU” for the competition to select the artist to represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

Today, thanks to her experience, better self-awareness and talent, Valentina Monetta started to explore her love of jazz and Bebop rediscovering the importance of Italian music and its artists. She recorded her album “IL MIO GIOCO PREFERITO” with the trio “My funky Valentine”.

On March 27 she will perform “MA CHE DIFFERENZA FA” at the Titano Theatre in San Marino, a musical monolog directed by Fabrizio Raggi dedicated to the Italian singer Ornella Vanoni.


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