Omar Naber (Slovenia 2005)

Omar Naber, 30, comes from Ljubljana in Slovenia with a Jordanian father and Slovenian mother.

He has been actively involved in music since the age of 16 and also trained as a dental technician and studied tourism.

In late 2004 he won a national TV talent show “Bitka Talentov” which in effect was a Slovenian equivalent of Pop Idol.

Following that, he won the contest to represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2005 in Ukraine. His song ‘Stop’ was very untypical of Eurovision and coming from such a small country in the televoting era was not expected to fare very well. Nonetheless he finished in 12th place out of 25 in the semifinal just missing out on progressing to the final.

Shortly after Eurovision he released his first album ‘Omar’ and this was followed a couple of years later with his 2nd album ‘Kareem’.

Two further attempts to represent Slovenia at Eurovision in 2009 and 2011 saw him just miss out.

His music is best described as melodic pop / pop-rock. He has played many gigs across Slovenia both solo acoustic and with his band Kareem, and he has also performed in other countries such as Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, Luxembourg and the UK and Ireland.

Without turning his back on his fanbase home in Slovenia, Omar intends to concentrate his efforts in the coming years on performing and building contacts in the UK in an effort to get his music known to a wider audience.

A link to his soundcloud and one of hs recent singles ‘Remember me’ is below. You can find many other links to his music on YouTube.


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